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Kentucky Recovery offers an environment where you will feel listened to, cared for, and thoroughly supported. We are here to help erase the stigma surrounding the harm reduction model of treatment. 

Our team of doctors, nurses, counselors and peer support specialists work together to ensure comprehensive care with the best and safest possible outcome. 


Kentucky Recovery is still seeing patients in-office. We follow all CDC guidelines and our staff has been fully vaccinated. We care about keeping you safe and healthy – if you have questions or concerns, reach out today at 502-233-3290.

Methadone Treatment

Methadone maintenance is a major force in harm reduction treatment. Kentucky Recovery approaches patient care conservatively and professionally.

Medication Assisted Treatment

MAT is specialized counseling paired with proven medication. This multifaceted approach increases your chances of a sustained positive outcome.

Mental Health Services and Psychiatry

Therapy is an integral part of the successful treatment of addiction. We utilize a holistic model based in teamwork, communication, and authentic care.

Get the Help You Need at Kentucky Recovery

Kentucky Recovery is the State’s choice for Addiction Treatment Services. 

Addiction Treatment in Louisville

Our addiction treatment center in Louisville, KY, offers methadone maintenance, addiction treatment, psychiatric services, therapy, IOP, peer support and more.

It’s our goal to provide harm reduction services to our patients in a non-judgmental environment that feels good, looks good, and imparts feelings of care, respect and understanding.

We are working toward ending the stigma surrounding addiction and medication assisted treatment. Join us today!

Methadone Maintenance

Methadone maintenance is used as a harm reduction treatment that can assist in overcoming addiction to narcotics (such as heroin) or other opioid analgesics (such as tramadol, oxycodone and fentanyl).  Methadone reduces the symptoms triggered by the abstinence.

Kentucky Recovery professionals utilize detoxification and maintenance therapy under medical supervision and along with the support of therapists and peer support specialists. 

Methadone Clinic Louisville KY
Psychiatrists in Louisville KY

Mental Health Services and Psychiatry

Without mental health support, medication assisted treatment is irresponsible and can be dangerous. We are here to help disrupt the stigma and rebuild MAT and addiction treatment into a holistic process encompassing the authentic definition of “Harm Reduction”.

Our counseling team works along with medical staff and YOU to create a plan that has the best chance at maintaining (and amplifying) your dignity, will treating your sickness. 

Medication Assisted Treatment

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) is an evidence-based treatment approach for opioid use disorder and addiction. Combining medication, behavioral counseling, and support can reduce cravings and prevent withdrawal symptoms and relapse. Our psychiatrists in Louisville, KY, use medications, in combination with therapy that allow the patient to heal and learn to replace unhealthy behaviors with healthy ones.

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All clinicians and providers at Kentucky Recovery are licensed and certified based on state regulations



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