My Thoughts on Harm Reduction

If you’re against harm reduction, you’re against saving lives — it really is that simple and no amount of rhetoric or abrasiveness will change my mind or our approach

Despite the stigma against those afflicted by the opioid epidemic (and the medical professionals who treat them), all we care about at Kentucky Recovery is that we save and improve lives. We are not a “pill-mill”, we don’t create addicts, or otherwise exploit the people we serve. 

We are here to be seen, engaged with, and ultimately, to shift the paradigm in Louisville, and throughout the state. Methadone maintenance and other forms of MAT should not be vilified or hidden in the most dangerous, least accessible parts of town. 

I welcome anyone in need of help with their addiction and mental health. I promise you we’ll do our best to take care of you and help you lead a more fulfilling, healthier, and longer life. 

Thank you for trusting us, 



Joseph Nalley
Kentucky Recovery

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